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Vision for Solution Engineers
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Vision for Solution Engineers

The second objective for all solution engineers is determining mutual vision. Your company must understand what the customer needs and the customer must understand what you can deliver. In this course we cover vision.


Experts are frequently sought because they can see what other people cannot see, or because they can do what other people cannot do. Scholars say that industry leading experts possess an enhanced ability to discern. They can distinguish information that matters from information that does not matter, and they can do it quickly, accurately, and consistently.

All experts, from medical specialists, to marketing professionals, to civil engineers, are sought to help diagnose problems and take actions to create a desired future state. Experts have the knowledge, skill, equipment, and other resources required to accurately see a situation as it really is and apply superior judgement to move all parties toward a desired future state.

This course focuses on the second objective of solution engineering, determining mutual vision. In it we explore how experts elicit customer requirements and how they can see what the customers truly need. We also talk about the important skills of perception and recall. And, we touch on the dangers of predictions. Vision is a true sign of expertise and an essential ingredient for excellent solution engineers.

Alan Berrey is an experienced entrepreneur, author, instructor, and coach. He is a leader in the subjects of expertise, solution engineers, and sale consultants. His researches, articles and lectures have aided thousands of solution engineers and subject matter experts. He has worked as a solution engineer for decades and has served clients in dozens of industries. He is a highly sought instructor who is consistently valued by his students and audiences.

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