Get Approved for "SME Essentials"

Sample Approval Email

Training is an essential piece of your professional development. Requesting training is an expression of your commitment to your career goals and your organization's needs. This course, "SME Essentials," will provide value to you, your customers, and your company. Below is a template to help you obtain the necessary approval from your company to pay for this course.
To: Your Manager, HR Director, or Sales Leader (Chris)
From: You
Date: Today
Subject: Course Approval for "SME Essentials"

Dear Chris,

As part of my professional development, I would like to pursue additional training to help me improve my interactions with customers. I have noticed that the sales team is dependent upon engineering colleagues to demonstrate our solutions and secure new business. Accurately helping customers understand our technology and resolving any of their concerns appears to be a critical component in our company's selling process. Recently, I have been tapped by the sales team to help answer important customer questions. I anticipate that my interactions with customers will increase and I believe these interactions are important to our collective success. Consequently, I would like to improve my skills as an engineer to have a positive influence with our customers.

My research on this subject suggests that the course "SME Essentials" from Expert Dig is an excellent place to learn about the role of the subject matter expert (SME), solution engineering, or sales consultant. This online course is specifically designed to help technical professionals improve their influence in the sales process. I believe this course will help me as a technical professional become an effective advocate for our company and a trusted technical advisor to my sales colleagues.

The course is taught on-line and on-demand. Consequently, there will be no travel expenses involved, nor will there be any disruption to my work schedule. I will invest the time required to complete the 6-10 hour course without impacting my current assignments.

The price of the course is $997.00. This note is to request your approval of my taking the class and expensing the cost of the class to the company. I believe it will prove valuable to everyone.


Benefits of SME Essentials

more deals
more profit
more customers

What People Say About Expert Dig

"Absolutely fantastic! Thank you.​"
VP Business Development
"Brilliant! Maybe the best corporate talk I've heard."
"The best training session we've had in the company so far."
Manager, Engineering
"One of the best training presentations I have ever heard, ... and I've been present for a lot of them."
"It was terrific. I am still thinking about it."
Manager, IT
"Very nicely done. I cannot imagine anything better conceived in form or content."
Expert Essentials: The Fundamentals of Sales Enablement for Technical Professionals
expert \'ek-spərt\
adjective: having or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience
dig \'dig\
verb: to unearth
verb: to like or enjoy
noun: a sarcastic remark
noun: archaeological site undergoing excavation