We have studied subject matter experts (SMEs) and worked with them for decades. We have learned what makes them tick and what clients, colleagues, and customers need from them, especially when it matters. We have discovered that great SMEs, the truly influential and persuasive ones, exercise a consistent set of disciplines and actions. Whether they are in engineering, law, medicine, finance, or some other field, great SMEs display a common set of skills and attributes that can be taught and learned.

It is not enough to be a technical genius. Knowledge and competence are just the beginning. There is a craftsmanship to being an SME. It is an art and a science melded together with tenets that can be taught, learned, and exercised.

There is a voluminous body of research on the subjects of expertise and expert performance. We have culled the literature for years and have extracted those helpful and practical nuggets that all SMEs should know and follow. At Expert Dig we help SMEs master their craft. We help bring expertise out of obscurity and maximize the SME’s impact among clients, customers, colleagues, partners, and competitors. In short, our courses, training, and lectures are tailored to help SMEs become compelling agents of change.

Helping SMEs Make Rain

We help Solution Engineers and Subject Matter Experts add value where it matters most, on top line revenue and margin. Most SMEs focus exclusively on technical knowledge and competence in their domain, which is important of course, but great SMEs do more. They help win deals!
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Alan Berrey: Author, Trainer, Entrepreneur


Alan Berrey

Experienced business professional, entrepreneur, & SME
Researcher of expertise since 1995
Author: "Beyond Expertise" 2021
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Expert Essentials: The Fundamentals of Sales Enablement for Technical Professionals
expert \'ek-spərt\
adjective: having or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience
dig \'dig\
verb: to unearth
verb: to like or enjoy
noun: a sarcastic remark
noun: archaeological site undergoing excavation