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Experienced entrepreneur, leader, and author. Alan Berrey is a pioneer for subject matter experts, solution engineers, and sale consultants. He researches, writes, and lectures about corporate expertise and has helped subject matter experts maximize their value and impact. He has worked as a subject matter expert for decades, serving as the CEO of multiple start-up companies and as a vice president of business development at multiple technology companies. His corporate positions also include software product manager, project manager, department manager, and engineer. He has served clients in dozens of industries including hi-tech, manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, and government. And finally, Alan served as a communications specialist in the US Army Airborne Rangers.


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Quotes from Alan

"Subject matter experts are the most valuable members of any organization—period. So be a subject matter expert."
"Being a great SME is invaluable. Customers follow their recommendations.
It's like magic."
"The top priorities for an SME are 1) Establish Trust, 2) Determine Mutual Vision, and 3) Ensure Delivery—in that order."
"What will set you apart as an expert is how you explore the realm of the unknown, after you have mastered all else."
"Experts with influence have three things: knowledge, skill, and attitude."
"If you are an expert and you are likable, truly likable, then you cannot be stopped."
Beyond Expertise
How Trust, Vision, and Delivery Will Redefine Your Relationships with Customers and Colleagues

by Alan Berrey

Beyond Expertise: Book by Alan Berrey
Online Courses: Solution Engineering Mastery Series
expert \'ek-spərt\
adjective: having or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience
dig \'dig\
verb: to unearth
verb: to like or enjoy
noun: a sarcastic remark
noun: archaeological site undergoing excavation