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Top Ten Rules
for Sales Professionals
Who Work With
Subject Matter Experts,
Solution Engineers,
or Other Technical

Technical experts are often critical to the selling process. But, too often they don't actually help you sell as much as they could. We need to fix that.

At Expert Dig we have launched a completely free 30 minute webinar, "Ten rules for sales people who work with Subject Matter Experts." This webinar will change the way you work with technical colleagues.

Most salespeople know the drill. You work hard to identify an opportunity with a customer. Then, that customer has detailed questions or concerns. And what’s the response? It probably involves a subject matter expert. A technical professional is invited into the conversation to answer the customer's questions, or address their concerns.

But, whenever you invite a technical colleague into the customer conversation things get risky quickly, especially if that technical person doesn't truly understand their role in the sales process. The technical geniuses inside your company will either help you bring the deal across the finish line, or they will destroy the opportunity completely.

Great subject matter experts are invaluable. One sales representative said to me, "Alan, if I could get my VP of Engineering into every client meeting I would do it. He has so much experience, credibility and confidence. The clients just love him. Whatever he recommends, they do. It's like magic!"

Unfortunately, not all SMEs have that effect on customers. Far too often we bring SMEs into the conversation with our fingers crossed, hoping that they will say the right thing and do the right thing. Sometimes I've seen sales people praying that the SME will have the wisdom to shut up when appropriate and not say the wrong thing.

At Expert Dig we have studied the subject matter experts for a long time. We have identified those things that maximize their effectiveness and influence. One of the things we have discovered is that the actions of the sales professionals can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of their expert colleagues. There are ten things that sales representatives and sales managers can do, right now, today, that will dramatically improve the effectiveness of their technical colleagues in front of customers.

Once again, this is a completely free 30-minute webinar. I guarantee it will change the way you work with solution engineers and subject matter experts. Click the link below to get started.

From the Webinar

Stop telling experts that you want them to "answer questions." You don't, really, you don't
Focus on the true objectives: establish trust, determine mutual vision, and ensure delivery
Never ask subject matter experts to introduce themselves
Understand the risks. The work of a subject matter expert pivots on risk, so target risk
Never surprise your expert colleague in front of a customer
Allow the SME to contribute. Exercise a smidge more patience with silence
Beyond Expertise
How Trust, Vision, and Delivery Will Redefine Your Relationships with Customers and Colleagues

by Alan Berrey

Beyond Expertise: Book by Alan Berrey
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