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The Solution Engineering Mastery Series is provided online on demand. E-Learning brings the maximum flexibility with high-quality courses and content in a convenient online format. It is our most popular training. Fast paced. Worldwide distribution. Cost-effective. No travel expenses. Ongoing access for one year.

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All courses can be delivered online with a live instructor in a virtual classroom. This approach allows for real-time interaction with instructors and class participants. It includes our industry-leading content and interactive exercises. Engaging instruction. World-wide access. No travel expenses.

On-site Instructor-led

Course can be delivered at the client location and on client premises. We deliver training on-site for your team or your entire organization. Content is customized for your unique needs and totally focused on student experience.

Fully Customized

Collaborative curriculum development and fully tailored instruction especially designed for your unique needs. Delivered live, virtually, or recorded for your LMS.
Technical professionals have tremendous capacity to help in the selling process. An experienced sales representative once said, “If I could get my VP of Engineering into every client meeting I would do it. Every single one! He has so much experience, and he communicates with so much confidence and so little effort. Whatever he recommends to my customers, they do. It’s like magic.”

“Magical” is how some experts are described by colleagues and customers. These are the solution engineers that carry profound influence. Sadly, this is not the case for most experts.

Of course, experts must be technically competent—that much is a given—but an effective solution engineer is much more than a technical genius. Great solution engineers sway the hearts and minds of their audience. They are compelling agents of change.

Instruction from Expert Dig is designed to help technical professionals excel in client engagement. By following a proven path, experts will more quickly and comprehensively provide huge value to their organizations.

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Expert Essentials: The Fundamentals of Sales Enablement for Technical Professionals
expert \'ek-spərt\
adjective: having or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience
dig \'dig\
verb: to unearth
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